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Pharmaceutical Form : Tablets
Packing : 20 tabs
Composition : Each BETAFRIN tab. Contains : Betamethasone: 0.25 mg Dexchlorpheniramine maleate 2 mg


Indication :
BETAFRIN indicated in:
-Symptomatic treatment of allergic seasonal rhinitis after frustration of single treatment by antihistamine, or in combination with topical steroid.
-Short term symptomatic treatment(max. 10 days) in case of acute urticaria.
Contraindication: Hypersensitivity to any of the product component.
A-Related to Betamethasone:
-All infectious cases.
-Advanced viral infections.
-treatment -uncontrolled psychological cases.
-live vaccine.
B- Related to dexchlorpheniramine:
-Closed-angel glaucoma
-Urine retention due to uretero-prostatic disorders
Related to Betamethasone:
-Steroidal intake may leads to urticaria relapse.
-Steroidal therapy is not contraindicated in case of gastro-intestinal ulcer if combined with anti ulcer agents.
-Hypertension ,diabetes, are not contraindicated, but they may affect. So appropriate to readjust the doses.
-Athletes must be indicated that Betamethasone may stimulate positive reaction for performance-enhancing drugs test.
-Generally, edema is practically responsible for impossible hypertension, so salt intake must be limited. Related to dexchlorpheniramine:
Dexchlorphineramine should be used carefully in this case :
-In geriatric who show high sensitivity to hypotension, vertigo , inhibition ,and chronic constipation.
-Hepatic failure or severe renal failure due to accumulation
- Avoid the intake of alcohol alcoholic drugs alcohol-contained drinks during therapy.
Drug interactions:
-Aspirin dose must be adjusted during and after Steroidal treatment.
-High and severe supervision must be taken into consideration when steroids are combined with oral and venous anticoagulant, specially high dose venous or long term heparin treatment (risk of bleeding).
-Dose of hypoglycemic agents (insulin, metformine, sulfonamide) must be adjusted during and after Steroidal treatment.
-alcohol: increase the sedative effect of dexchlorphineramine, so avoid alcohol, alcoholic drugs alcohol-contained drinks during therapy.
-Central nervous system inhibitors, barbiturates, benzdiazepines, tranquilizers, clonidin morphine derivatives, may increase the sedative effect if combined with BETAFRIN.
-atropin, atropinic compound, tricyclic anti depressent, antiparkinsonism. atropinic antispasm, anticholinergic, increase the undesired atropin-related effects, such as urin retention, constipation, dry mouth.
Pregnancy and lactation:
-It is preferred to avoid this product in pregnant and lactate women.
-Care should be taken when driving or operation of a machine due to drowsiness caused by this product, specially at the first period of treatment.
Side effects: Related to Betamethasone :
-This effect appear mostly in chronic use(more than one month) or at large doses ,aqueous electrolytes disturbance, hypokalemia, sodium retention, hypertension, congestive heart failure.
-Metabolism and endocrine disorder, Cushing's syndrome, ACTH insufficiency, glucose intolerance.
-Skeletal muscle disorders.
-Gastric disorders: gastric ulcer, small intestinal ulcer
-Skin disorders(dermatic disorders).
Related to dexchlorpheniramine:
Sedation and drowsiness specially at the beginning of treatment.
-Anticholinergic effect mucus dryness, constipation, urine retention.
-Balance disorders: vertigo, hypoconcentration specially in geriatric.
Dosage and administration:
-Intended for adults and children above 6 years:
-Adults and children above 12 years : 3 - 4 tablets daily
-Children 6 - 12 years :one tablet twice daily . usual period for treatment of acute urticaria not exceeding 10 days.
Packing : Box of 20 Tablet .